AIS Received Rahmaniya School Delegation

A delegation represented Rahmaniya School - Indonesia visited Al-Aqsa Integrated School (AIS) on 28th Apr 2019. They were received by the principal of the school, Mr. Mohammed Shobaki, and a group of AIS teachers and students. Teacher Ismail Al-Farra gave a welcome speech in Arabic language, and Ms. Silvia Farwana gave it in Bahasa

“Ebadur Rahman” institute in AIS

On April 22, 2019, we were honored to host a group of students of the Ebadur Rahman Institute - Indonesia and some of their teachers. Our students gave a welcoming speech by "Malham Al-Jandali" and "Suad Al-Kuwamaleh" from the 7th grade on behalf of the school's students. In a lecture delivered by Rizq Al-Gharabli,

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