On April 22, 2019, we were honored to host a group of students of the Ebadur Rahman Institute – Indonesia and some of their teachers. Our students gave a welcoming speech by “Malham Al-Jandali” and “Suad Al-Kuwamaleh” from the 7th grade on behalf of the school’s students.

In a lecture delivered by Rizq Al-Gharabli, he spoke about the relationship between Arabic language and the Holy Quran, and the importance of learning Arabic for Muslims. At the end of the lecture, there was a Q&A session where the students interacted greatly. As for the status of Al-Aqsa Mosque, “Alaa Al-Tamimi” an AIS teacher gave a valuable lecture explaining the need to preserve and defend this religious and historical heritage and protect it from any aggression.

To express their thanks and appreciation for this generous visit, our students presented a souvenir represent the strength of the relationship between them and the Institute students.