A delegation represented Rahmaniya School – Indonesia visited Al-Aqsa Integrated School (AIS) on 28th Apr 2019. They were received by the principal of the school, Mr. Mohammed Shobaki, and a group of AIS teachers and students.

Teacher Ismail Al-Farra gave a welcome speech in Arabic language, and Ms. Silvia Farwana gave it in Bahasa Melayu. The visit came as part of the communication between the Islamic schools as the coordinators of the visit said. AIS students played a dramatic presentation of what happened in Palestine after the wars happened, and student “Jana Thabet” expressed her dream of which she is seeking to achieve, to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque, after the liberation from occupation.

At the end of the visit, the delegation presented a souvenir of which Mr. Mohammed Shobaki did receive as an expression of the spirit of Islamic brotherhood between the two schools in the hope of continuing the relationship between them.